add user to group

jackkooo: how should i add a user to a group ?
rworkman: jackkooo: vigr
hfjardim: jackkooo, you can either edit /etc/group manually or use usermod
jackkooo: hfjardim thanks ,i will do it manually
rworkman: hfjardim: vigr(8) is better than manually - you get locking on the file
rworkman: Using usermod(8) is harder than vigr(8) IMO
deegan: usermod -G newgroup user is hard? :)
deegan: or well, sure you can wipe the current list of groups with that.
jackkooo: rworkman how to use vigr ?
hfjardim: =)
rworkman: deegan: that's why you should try it before you argue :)
jackkooo: deegan "usermod -G newgroup" or "usermod -g newgroup" ?
deegan: jackkooo: -g is the users group, -G is additional groups.
alienBOB: And even then, only "-G -a" is good
jackkooo: come on i just slackbuilded kismet , i used "groupadd -g 234 kismet" what to use to add my user to this group ?
deegan: alienBOB: 13 years of Slackware usage and i _never_ knew that. I always did "id " and copy+paste the grouplist with the command. :)
alienBOB: jackkooo: usermod -G -a
alienBOB: Or "gpasswd -a" will also work
***rworkman still uses vigr and vipw :)
jackkooo: alienB0B something is incorect
jackkooo: where is the place of the user`s name ?
rworkman: sigh
deegan: jackkooo: usermod -a -G kismet
hfjardim: usermod -a -G
jackkooo: usermod -G -a username ?
alienBOB: However, the difference is that "gpasswd -a" is compatible with older Slackware releases - but older Slackware's usermod do not support "usermod -a"
jackkooo: ok how to check what groups is my user in ?
hfjardim: groups username
deegan: jackkooo: id username
jackkooo: ok i`m in ...
jackkooo: let me relogin
jackkooo left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
jackkooo [~jackooo@ipaddress] entered the room.
jackkooo: ok ,obviously my netbook has broadcom wifi and kismet can`t set it into monitor mode ...
jackkooo: so ,now i have to remoge kismet groups and remove it from my user
pupiteee: uname -a
pupiteee: Linux intel #2 Tue Feb 8 07:51:08 CST 2011 i686 Pentium III (Katmai) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux \o/
pupiteee: thats -current on a more than 13yr old pc :)
rob0: If your wireless device driver does not support monitor mode, frontends like kismet won't get it for you. Silk purse, sow's ear, etc.

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